Ultrasound Blinds fabrics can be specified for other than their shading properties, some listed below and highlighted as follows: PVC Free, acoustically absorbent, antimicrobial protection, environmentally conscious and substrates for digital printing. For 25 years we have worked with the best fabric manufactures globally to guarantee our products impeccable quality. Upon request, we can provide certified labels that respond to the antibacterial specification of your project, as well as performance ratings for fire safety, air quality/low emissions, compliance, LEED and BREEAM. Contact us for individual fabric descriptions for more information.


Anti Bacterial

Our antimicrobial fabrics are treated with Viricide – a chemical agent that destroys viruses, crucial for environments requiring a high level of hygiene such as hospitals, care homes, pharmacies, labs, sports and wellness centers. 

Colour Fastness

Colour fastness refers to the resistance of a material to change in any of its colour characteristics when exposed to light. All of our fabrics are tested in accordance to the British Standards and have received an above average rating. 

0% Openness

Our blackout fabrics are designed to block out as much light as possible, making them perfect for buildings that require a darker space. We also advise on the hardware to achieve optimum performance from the fabric.

Recycled Materials

The future of sustainable, low carbon textiles production, PET is a new type of eco-friendly fabric made using the yarn of recycled plastic bottles. Our 100% recycled fabrics have have an entirely closed-loop processing system meaning all materials used during production are continuously reused and recycled.

Moisture Resistant

Wipeable fabrics cleverly prevent stains or mould growth, especially useful in places open to large numbers i.e. schools, offices. Our waterproof fabrics offer reliable, effective and long-lasting protection against bad weather, while preserving natural light, suitable for external applications such as roof, yachts and façade.

Green Buildings

Our fabrics guarantee no harmful VOC’s or hazardous substances will be released to the environment in qualities that are recognised as potentially dangerous, satisfying specific green building criteria LEED and BREEAM.

Energy Saving

Solar protection fabrics play a major role in every space by directly influencing energy consumption related to the use of air conditioning and heating in the building. We promote energy savings with advanced thermal insulation fabrics.

Light Filtering

Transparency is one of the most important aspects of our fabrics. Luxurious Trevira cs and voile selections gently diffuse and soften sunlight, whilst providing essential comfort with day and night time privacy.

3.5m Widths

Our fabric manufacturers are able to produce performance fabric 3.5m wide, and we can make blinds up to 12m drop. These blinds are especially beautiful and useful in the large windows of modern buildings. No cuts and no lines, for perfect symmetry and harmony.

Indoor Comfort

Superior fabrics are designed to enhance the quality and comfort of any interior space, our blind fabrics offer a choice of intelligent properties to help manage the atmospheric conditions of a room, be it in a private residence, office or seminar room, hotels etc.

Reflects Sunlight

Our pearl and metalised fabrics have special coatings on the reverse side which reflect sunlight and heat outwards, this can bring substantial energy savings as offices cooling is often a bigger problem than heating.

Acoustic Absorbtion

Materials developed to reduce or remove echo or reverberation within the room. Acoustic comfort is important for the well-being of users of indoor public areas, such as swimming pools, restaurants, schools and airport terminals. 

Flame Retardant

Our fabrics are flame retardant and comply fully with the most demanding fire-safety standards in the world. They are Greenguard and Reach certified, and adhere to the textile requirements for OEKO-TEX Standard 100.


 Introducing iNView® 

by Ultrasound Blinds

Now perceived as the future of sustainable, low carbon textiles production – PET fabric, is a new type of ‘green’ eco-friendly fabric made using the yarn of recycled plastic bottles. Just 1 tonne of regenerated PET yarn equals to nearly 70,000 plastic bottles. 

Our first ever basket weave fabric combines visual comfort with transparency, providing excellent glare control, with up to 89% of light rays filtered.  iNView® 3% openness is recommended for effective privacy and sun protection whilst still allowing natural light in. 


  • Made from 100% recycled PET bottles
  • M1 = B s3 d1Euroclass Non Flammable
  • Solar Transmission  approx. 
  • Solar Reflective 
  • UV Blockage approx. 88%
  • Lightweight 215g/m2 and 0.60mm thickness
  • Wide width 240cm 
  • White, Sand, Slate, Plum Slate & Black
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